Even if you don't live in a state that is near a bunch of battlefields there is probably Civil War history in your town or soldiers buried in the older cemeteries in your town.  My Great, Great, Great grandfather was a Union soldier and is buried in Minnesota now. In the war, Minnesota was also the first state to send soldier to fight for the Union.

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Historic marker for Fort MacGruder, Austin, TX
The site of this fort is now covered by stores and a restaurant.

Southern Brigadier-General Albert Sydney Johnston
Johnston was killed at Shiloh and is buried in Austin, TX (Library of Congress)

The site at Shiloh where Gen. Johnston died.

My hometown is Austin, Texas. While Texans fought for both the Union (North) and Confederate States of America (South), most Texans fought for the South. Living in Austin, I wasn't sure there was much Civil War history here, but I've learned differently. Austin had three forts built to defend against a Union attack. They were all on the South and Southeast part of town as they thought the Union would attack after arriving by ship from the Gulf of Mexico. They abandoned the forts when they knew the Federal soldiers were not going to attack Austin and now they are all under buildings.  We also had a home for Confederate soldiers. Probably the biggest tie to the war is Confederate General Albert Sydney Johnston is buried in the State Cemetery here in Austin. Johnston was the highest ranking general on either side to be killed during the Civil War. He died at Shiloh after being shot near the Peach Orchard. I learned that there were a lot of battles that had parts of the battlefield called "the peach orchard" - Gettysburg, Shiloh and others.  It's because many of the battles were fought on or near farms and farmers had peach or apple orchards as they did not have grocery stores or refridgerators so they grew there own fruits and vegatables. 

Tomb of Albert Sidney Johnston
Close to 2,000 Confederate soldiers are buried at Tx State Cemetery in Austin.

Tomb of Albert Sidney Johnston, Texas State Cemetary in Austin

Another view of Johston's burial site.

Texas Monument, Chickamauga Battlefield
Almost all the battlefields I've visited have monuments for Texas soldiers who fought there.

It is fun to find the Texas monuments at all the battlefields. At Corinth, MS it was actual put up in 2010. At Fort Donelson is was 2005. People in Texas are still helping keep Civil War History alive.  
Texas had several battles during the war. Two of the bigger battles occurred in Galveston. The last official battle of the Civil War also happened in Texas at Palmito Ranch in the Rio Grande Valley near Mexico. While the Union won the war most of what I have read says that the Confederate soldiers actually won the last battle of the war.

Austin Confederate Home for Men served 2000 former Confederate soldiers.

Burial spot for Confederate General.

Another Austin to Shiloh tie.

The Texas State Capital in Austin has many monuments for Texas Civil War soldiers. Almost all of them are for Confederate soldiers as Texas was part of the Confederate States of America. Many Texans also fought for the North.

I have to find more places to learn about Austin's history in the Civil War. I'm focused on battlefields, but it is fun to learn the connections between battles and Austin.

Somce of the almost 2000 Confederare grave at Tx State Cemetery in Austin.


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